XMOS startKIT build error 1073741790

Got this XMOS startKIT. Now it looks like you can do some nice things with it. It comes with xTime Composer 13.0.1 (installed on Windows 8.1 64bit) but whenever I try to build an example project I get this error:

Posted it on the xmos forum but who know someone will read it here and knows how I can fix this.

Update: 21-12-2013

Found out the problem.. Google is your friend and showed me an Avast page: Source

Error code 0xC0000022. (-1073741790) is given when user system files are tried to move to the Virus Chest

So so tried to put the XMOS install folder to the exclude items (bitdefender) and now I can build, debug and  flash it to the startKIt. 


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