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Fail2ban and wordpress

If you use fail2ban on your server and you are running WordPress you could use this plugin:


“WP fail2ban logs all login attempts, whether successful or not, to syslog using LOG_AUTH.”

So now when kiddies try to “hack” your login page, Fail2Ban will kick in and do its job.


WP fail2ban plugin:


Testing facebook intergration

We all have different websites we like to post to.

Facebook, twitter, your own personal blog, the companies news page etc etc.



So now I try to connect this blog to facebook to see if thats working..


Redirect to my blog

This blog was created in the directory /blog/ so we needed to ad a little piece of code to redirect browsers to this blog.

So instead of going to http://pieter.blinkenshell.org/blog/ you can also browse to http://pieter.blinkenshell.org to get on this blog.

Edit (when your on blinkenshell):


and add:

<meta HTTP-EQUIV=”REFRESH” content=”0; url=http://[YOUR.USERNAME].blinkenshell.org/blog/”>

Sure there are many other way’s to do this..

Disable comments in WordPress

Ofcourse you can disable the comments in the admin dashboard

Settings > Discussion >
[ ] Allow people to post comments on new articles

But on some themes it will still show up on your blog.

So I took a dive into my theme files:


and took the comment text out of:

comments.php and index.php