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Getting sound on the Raspberry pi

To get sound out the headphone jack type:

To get sound out the HDMI

Trouble with omxplayer?

set the -o output for 3.5 audio jack

set the -o output for hdmi

omxplayer -o hdmi

from: http://www.raspians.com/Knowledgebase/no-analog-sound-out-the-headphone-jack/

Synergy on raspberry pi

Some how I couldnt get the synergyc command te run at GUI startup.

This worked for me:

Created a script called “startsynergy.sh” in my /scripts/ folder

chmod it:

Edit autostart:

And add it at the last line..

Thats is. There are many roads to Rome and I took this ride 🙂

Dropbox script for raspberry Pi


Dropbox Uploader is a BASH script which can be used to upload, download, list or delete files from Dropbox, an online file sharing, synchronization and backup service.

PiBang = Crunchbang for the Raspberry Pi


From the website:

This is PiBang Linux. A Linux distribution for the Raspberry Pi. It is inspired by Crunchbang Linux, and based on Raspbian.


It is a very light Distro with openbox.

It give you that Crunchbang feeling when you run it on the Raspberry Pi.

WiringPi a GPIO Interface library for the Raspberry Pi


From Gordons website:

The Gertboard is a buffered IO interface board for the Raspberry Pi. It features 12 LEDs, 3 buttons, a high power motor driver, 6 open-collector medium power outputs, analog to digital and digital to analog converters and an ATmega 328p processor.

These pages serve as a demonstration of using the Gertboard with the wiringPi library from the command-line, in BASH and C. There are several pages in this series and I hope they might act as a tutorial and possibly even an aid to making sure your Gertboard is fully functional.