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Installing Sabayon Linux (gentoo flavor).

Finally I got Sabayon Linux working on my Asus EeeTop PC ET2002T.

Thing was,  I upgraded the windows version to windows 7 ultimate and enabled Dynamic Disks.

More about those here:


Anyway, no partition editor was able to change this back  (like gparted, fdisk, partition magic etc etc). So I was rather frustrated about this because I wanted multiboot but I didnt want to destroy my windows (and all work stuff on it).

Called a  friend of mine who is more into these kinda things and (after a backup!!!)  he used Partition Wizzard on my machine and converted the dynamic disk back to basic. After making room on my HD for the linux partition I fired up the Sabayon LiveCD and installed it without any problems next to my Windows & Ultimate.

Still need to do some more things like getting touchscreen to work  and stuff.. But its cool. Sabayon is based on Gentoo so I expect things to go smooth.

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