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Newsbeuter 2.1 theme

Found a nice theme here in the comments: Newsbeuter 2.1 will contain support for 256-color terminals « Newsbeuter Development Blog.

# Generic Background
# First value is not used.
color background magenta color237

#Text/background when reading an article
color article color188 color237

#Color the listview items
color listnormal color188 color237

#Selected listveiew item.
color listfocus color108 color236

# info
color info color144 color234

Newsbeuter and Google Reader

I love those apps that work from a shell in linux.

One of my favs is Newsbeuter.

To make it work with Google Reader you need to create config file in:


In that file add these lines:

urls-source “googlereader”

googlereader-login “USERNAME@gmail.com”

googlereader-password “PASSWORD”

My config so far:

urls-source “googlereader”
googlereader-login “USERNAME@gmail.com”
googlereader-password “PASWORD”
googlereader-show-special-feeds yes
show-read-feeds  no
refresh-on-startup yes
notify-beep yes
notify-xterm yes
auto-reload yes
reload-time 120

To make it show up in Conky I added this to the config:

News:${alignr}${execpi 600 newsbeuter -x reload print-unread}

Conky examples

This guy has some great examples for the conky script:

The Peachy Blog: Index. Start Here!.

Resize Linux Terminator how you want it.

If you use terminator but want it to startup with the size you want then run it like this:

terminator –geometry=800×400+150+150

800×400 is the size ot the screen and 150+150 the position where it should popup.

!# crunchbang

So I was really happy with sabayon running on my machines but somehow I didnt get that linux feeling (or kinda lost it).

So I searched furter and stumbled on cruchnbang.


You need to change loads of stuff but thatsthe great thing about this distro.

There is a great community behind crunchbang and they have some amazing suggestions, tips, hints and solutions for you.

Like this conky script I am running on it instead of the default one.