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Display a # in conky

I wanted to display #! in my conky script but could not seem to get it working right.

This tip: Conky Help – Tips, Tricks & Scripts – CrunchBang Linux Forums worked great!

To display a “#” in conky you have to do

${exec echo “#”}

More conky tips (hellanzb and External IP)

Sometimes I kinda get lost in the great conky rules that I and many people use..

For example look at this crunchbang conky forum.

a few snippets:

Will give you your esternal and internal IP adress

Or for hellanzb:

The hellaconly.py looks like this:

Screen cheat list

Found this cheatlist somewhere…

Credits to the one who uploaded it ..

MoC theme

My MoC theme

Newsbeuter 2.1 theme

Found a nice theme here in the comments: Newsbeuter 2.1 will contain support for 256-color terminals « Newsbeuter Development Blog.

# Generic Background
# First value is not used.
color background magenta color237

#Text/background when reading an article
color article color188 color237

#Color the listview items
color listnormal color188 color237

#Selected listveiew item.
color listfocus color108 color236

# info
color info color144 color234