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Gertboard ATmega IO vs. Arduino Pins

The printing on the Gertboard indicated the port and pin numbers internal to the Atmega microcontroller…

However this is normally hidden from the user by the Arduino’s “wiring” library and rather than refer to (e.g.) Port B, bit 5, you’d normally refer to “pin 15″.

The mapping is fairly straightforward, but to help you connect wires to pins on the Gertboard, here is a handy table to let you see what the connections are:

See source:


Setup Arduino IDE serial monitor on the Raspberry Pi

The Arduino IDE does not understand names such as /dev/ttyAMA0.

One suggestion is to

and restart the Arduino IDE.

This creates an alias to /dev/ttyAMA0 which the IDE may understand.


WiringPi a GPIO Interface library for the Raspberry Pi


From Gordons website:

The Gertboard is a buffered IO interface board for the Raspberry Pi. It features 12 LEDs, 3 buttons, a high power motor driver, 6 open-collector medium power outputs, analog to digital and digital to analog converters and an ATmega 328p processor.

These pages serve as a demonstration of using the Gertboard with the wiringPi library from the command-line, in BASH and C. There are several pages in this series and I hope they might act as a tutorial and possibly even an aid to making sure your Gertboard is fully functional.