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Conky animation with images..

I was playing arround with conky and wanted to show a animation..

So I took a .gif and used this line to grap all stills from it:

Then I used this conky config to show it:

As you see it isnt that optimized at all (although I used templates vars to make it easy for myself).

You can see it at work in this movie: conky animation with images

buienradar (weather image) in conky

Erik wanted some help with getting a piece of an animated gif to show up in his conky (Conky Help::Tips, Tricks & Scripts::CrunchBang Forums.)

Now I liked that idea very much so came up with this:

First I created a directory ~/.conky/radar/  (for the temp.gif).
Then the knmiradar.sh: (chmod it +x)

Then in Conky:
add variable:

and use this (dont forget to edit the path):

Works great here…

Show album art in Conky with python script.

I wanted to show some Album art in conky.

Ofcourse i didnt need to re-invent the wheel so I stumbled upon this forum topic:


iggykoopa created a nice script (see here) but because I like the dark feeling of #! I wanted to have the album art in greyscale.

I took his base from: http://crunchbanglinux.org/pastebin/29 and added this part to it: (and an option so you can start it with “conkymusic.py -g”.)

You can grab the whole code here: Python CrunchBang Linux Pastebin.

The code in conky:

Works great here.

Display a # in conky

I wanted to display #! in my conky script but could not seem to get it working right.

This tip: Conky Help – Tips, Tricks & Scripts – CrunchBang Linux Forums worked great!

To display a “#” in conky you have to do

${exec echo “#”}

More conky tips (hellanzb and External IP)

Sometimes I kinda get lost in the great conky rules that I and many people use..

For example look at this crunchbang conky forum.

a few snippets:

Will give you your esternal and internal IP adress

Or for hellanzb:

The hellaconly.py looks like this: