sshpass, scp and feh. Sending files over ssh without prompting for a password

I got a Raspberry Pi as a webcam/timelapse setup. I thought it would be fun to also send it to my other Pi so it would show up on my desktop.

This how I did it.

First I needed to send the file from the PiCam to the PiDesktop and I use SSH and SCP. The thing is, with SCP you need to enter a password and because we run it in on a cronjob we have a problem.

This is how you can get arround that. Use SSHPASS.

First we need to install sshpass:

Then you can use it like this:

Yeah its not secure. Follow the links to read more about a better approach.

As it arrives on the PiDesktop, FEH will pick it up and sends it to a nice picture windows.


This is a better way to connect with SCP and a password: and

quick mount

Just a quick way to mount a windows share

If you not sure what shares are on the windows machine

remove splash screen from ubuntu Mate

I wanted to see the boot text so I needed a way so it always shows the text version instead of the Splash screen.
That splash screen is a a program called plymouth.

You can always push the [esc] button or change Grub:




And then:

howto install a .deb

Sometimes you can download a .deb

This it one way to install it:
sudo dpkg -i path/nameofsoftware.deb

sudo apt-get install -f

The last will check and fix dependencies of the just installed package (if your lucky).

Centos fail2ban error

With the latest version of Fail2ban I got this error on some Centos servers that Fail2ban would not start anymore.

This is the quick fix:

Add to your jail.conf:

Found the above solution here: