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Now that was a nice surprise.

Juliette Reinders Folmer presented us the latest do’s, dont’s and tips at the Zwolse WordPress Meetup (great setup, nice people)!

This is what it was all about:

Now that WordPress has committed to a minimum requirement of PHP 7 by the end of 2019, we can all start looking at modernizing the code we maintain. Removing hacks to support old versions is easy, but how can code be improved when it just works on PHP 7? Namespaces, generators, Intl are just a few of the features introduced since PHP 5.2, not to mention scalar type declarations and all the other awesomeness that came with PHP 7. But what does it all mean, and how can you take advantage of these goodies? Join Juliette to learn to identify where to make quick fixes, when to look into refactoring, and how to make your code faster, better and more secure by using modern PHP.

Howto fix: InRelease’ changed its ‘Suite’ value from ‘testing’ to ‘stable’ “error”

Well, its not really an error..

So: YAY!!! We are going from testing to stable on the raspberry pi (debian buster).
What now?

Run it like this:

Your will see something like this:

And ofcourse dont forget to upgrade!

Terminals are sexy

Yeah they are…



Fix that cheap wifi dongle (linux)

Cheap wifi dongles on the raspberry pi (v1 b). Don’t you love the frustrations they bring.

So you buy a cheap wifi dongle but it just wont do what a more expensive brand would: run without problems.

First, do what all the people out there on your search quest do. Sudo here, enter there, dont forget the raspi-config command. Many way’s to Rome.

These are my little notes (so I wont forget) that worked for me.

Now try to get to your wifi and press the -> arrow.
fiddle arround (shout some more) enter ip adresses if you like. And somehow this could work.

But darn, there we have it. Now it goes into sleep mode. So we need to keep it alive.

Oke, lets do it the dirty way.

Keep the ping on!

Make a cronjob:

And we are good to go?

Raspberry Pi black screen with cursor

This is how I fixed it.

ssh into your pi of try to boot to CLI

There might be two autostart files


and your local:


Delete the local and do a sudo reboot

That fixed it for me.