how to fix a dead Li-ion samsung battery

More then a year a go I put away my old Samsung phone in its box.

Totally forgotten about it I had an idea to play with it again so I tried to start it up but nothing happend.  We just need to put it in the charger again right? After a few hours charging the phone was still playing dead. Nothing nada njet niks!

Searching on the many webpages about Li-ion batteries I came to the conclusion that the best thing to do is to buy a new battery. uh huh. Now that is not going to happen.

We know that you need a bit of current in the battery for some phones to enable their in build charging circuit. But how to get it charged without a fancy charger?

If you don’t mind to let a battery explode in your face then there is a little trick.
Needless to say that you might void your warranty and you might loose some limbs doing this.. We gonna jump start it! If it works for a car why not try that for a Li-ion battery…

If you want the science behind it, why this actually works, than please search and feel free to comment 😉

This is what I did:

Strip one side of the USB cable,and tape the right poles to the battery.

USB cabble to Samsung battery

As most of the time, red goes to the + and black to the –

I used some high temperature tape that u can use for soldering. But any good tape will do.

Plugin the USB cable and keep your fingers crossed now you still got them.

After 20 minutes I pulled the plug, got rid of the the tape and inserted the battery in the phone.

Now its charging, and the phone works!

Did I tell you that this isn’t the right way to do it?
I warned you about the fact that it could blow up in your face?
I mentioned that it might void your Samsung warranty?

Yes I did! Happy hacking!

Phone is charging again

Chatting with Max from Frozen Electronics and he came up with this tip:

“Max: You could destroy the battery, the chargers have a current-limiting PNP transistor in them!

Max: In the future, there’s a pretty simple constant current circuit you can build if you’ve got a P-channel MOSFET around somewhere. the chips are a dime a dozen on Newark/digikey (even ebay) and you can control the voltage and charge speed with potentiometers. almost like a universal li-po charger.

Max: Here’s the chip, the datasheet has the circuit in it, it’s really easy to use. there’s versions of the chip for all the common li-ion voltages (4.1, 4.2, 8.2, 8.4). It’s all based around a p-channel mosfet pass transistor.

Thank’s max. Might try that one next time!

3 thoughts on “how to fix a dead Li-ion samsung battery

  1. Sandy

    I was just doing this hack, with scotch tape, and it looks very similar to your setup. Though, I did trim off the extra shielding from my hacked USB cable. I found this while searching for a real solution that doesn’t need to be hacked. Like, a prettier cable version. If this works I’m going to make something prettier for future use. >^;^<

  2. sebastian

    Hi, I’m currently trying to revive a quite old EB-BG130BBE Samsung battery that will not recharge – even when applying voltage to the normal battery pins it will not result in any current flowing into the battery… So I peeled off the Label and charged the cell directly (which was around 2 V and is now fine at some 4.13 V, seems quite stable). However on the battery Pins there’s still only around 3.92 Volts, and the phone will not accept the battery, neither for charging nor using the phone (other battery works fine). Does anyone happen to know if there’s some way to reset the protection circuit of the battery somehow? At least the cell is keeping the charge, so I see no reason the phone should refuse it anymore… =/


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