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Book review: Linux Mint Essentials

a few day’s ago I seen a post on facebook about reviewing a book called “Penetration Testing with BackBox”. Such a pity that I was to late for it but Priyanka from Packt Publishing gave me the opportunity to review Linux Mint Essentials.

Now I am not a novice with the enormous amounts of different Linux distributions. I am chrunchbang and BackBox minded. I tried Linux mint once. Thought it was a nice distro but it just wasn’t my thing. Might be the fact that Linux Mint is finished.


Anyway back to the book.

The eBook (PDF) is a 12 MB download, Has a good chapter index and is clearly written. The title says its for Linux Mint but because its based on Ubuntu other novice users might be interested in the book to.

Its starts with the many way’s to create a boot disk and what I realy liked what kinda desktop and menu’s you want to use. For Mint you have the option to look at and work with four different desktop environments KDE, Xfce, MATE and Cinnamon. They writer explains the difference between the four choices.

After we have installed Linux Mint the book goes more into getting to know the Cinnamon environment because its most popular Mint flavour. At the end of the book the author takes the time to take a dive with you into MATE and the KDE version of Linux Mint.

My conclusion:

If you are a novice user or curious about the standard software, this book is for you. From chapter 11 on this gets interesting for the more experienced user. Its about securing, tweaking, updating and upgrading your Linux Mint version. Again, if you use an Ubuntu based Linux distro, this might also be learn full. Its well written and it will take you from a novice to a Linux Mint User who knows how the system will work.

Get Linux Mint Essentials here.





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